Saturday, January 1, 2011

crying over a pair of shoes!

Lately I have been feeling very emotional (thats hormones for you!) and I have just wanted to cry at times for stupid reasons. And today (first day of the new year way to start it!) I cried and yes it was over a stupid little thing well maybe not so stupid. A few months ago I decided to buy a pair of Thongs (flip flops) that I wanted with birthday money the catch? They cost me $30! I mean you would think for $30 they would last at least a year right? Well today one of the main straps broke on one of them! So I cried about it and I was pretty annoyed too I mean $30 down the drain! But my father came to rescue and managed (nothing short of a miricle if you ask me) to some how fix the shoe with a screw and unless you look at the bottom you can't tell that they were every broken! Also the strap feels quite strong so lets hope it doesn't break again!
But I still emailed the company, because surely if I know people who still have theirs after 2 years why did mine break? I don't know what I can expect a refund? A new pair? Who knows personally I am just thankful that my shoe is fixed and I don't have to buy another pair!

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