Monday, January 3, 2011

Bad day!

Today I am in a mood that if you even dare disagree with me I will bite your head off no seriously I will! I have had a grand total of about 6 hours sleep which is 3 hours less than what I am used too. My hay fever is playing up and to add to things I have a sore back and feel sick!
Plus this day has just got even better! Our friends (not really mine) have decided to stay the night! Which makes today oh so much better, as not only do I feel sick/tired/moody I will have to put up with them running around my house, eating my food and using various things that are mine oh and kicking me off my own computer to go on farmville (which btw WONT happen! As I will bite their heads off!). I mean could the day get any worse? and its only 9.10am in the morning!
God help me!

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