Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm not what you would call a 'daddy's girl' though at times I can be. I have always respected my parents wishes on matters like how to dress and when to date (even when they can seem far fetched at times!). Though my parents had never told me don't date till your 15 I had always felt that was  when they would most feel comfortable with me dating. They also made it clear you only date to look for someone to marry. When I turned 15 I had no desire what so ever to date though I had been asked out (seriously) by a friend of mine (2 years older than me) a few months earlier. At the beginning of last year things changed I began having feelings for friend of mine (he did too) and we went out once though this was done in such away that only my mum figured out what was going on. But the relationship didn't progress alot though we were always 'more than friends'. By september/october we both decided to call it off. It was strange in a way to have called it off, but there was no connection between us and it was the right thing to do!
I have been single from then on and it hasn't really bothered me! I haven't discussed dating with my dad at all, until recently (like sunday) when it got brought up randomly it was then my dad gave me permission to date who ever I liked (within reason). But  now I have his permission it seems strange, but in a good way!

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