Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Actress Review: Naomi Scott

What do Terra Nova and Lemonade Mouth both have in common? If you answer nothing you are wrong! They both star extremely talented up and coming actress Naomi Scott. I know its strange for me to review an actress but I think she is just so good! So here are a few things about Naomi (thanks to Wikipedia for helping me out!)
  • Her dad is Brittish but her mum is Indian (which gives her, her beautiful looks! But easy to say name! Haha)
  • She has an amazing voice! If you don't believe me check this clip out
  • She is English so in alot of interviews she will speak with an English accent but in both Terra Nova and Lemonade Mouth she has an American accent.
  • She is a Christian and has done missionary work (such as teaching English).

I find it hard to believe that she is only 18 (a year older than me) and was only discovered a few years ago! Watching Terra Nova (and Lemonade Mouth) it is hard to not love her! This is one of the few Actresses that I know that I will continue to follow and make an aim to see everything she is in! But for now I will be happy watching Terra Nova (which I intend to buy when it comes out on DVD) and wait for Lemonade Mouth 2 to come out! Naomi also has twitter so follow her if you get the chance.

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