Sunday, December 18, 2011

A few random things :)

I honestly can't be bothered writing a whole post so I'm just going to do a few things in dot form:

  • Christmas is in a week, getting exited now!
  • I have twitter, well I have always had twitter but I have just decided to use it and changed my name to ErinsAntics, so follow me if you want and keep up with my crazy life.
  • I made cupcakes for Sunday School today and added a bit to much food colouring to the icing so the kids went crazy, but hey the cupcakes tasted and looked good, so no complaining.
  • In 3 weeks I am going camping, I am so ready for a break, most of the time I just read and catch up with people (there is a beach mission on when we go so I am friends with alot of the leaders of the teens). The pick is of the first time I went to the campsite, I have changed alot since then!
  • Speaking of reading, I asked for books for Christmas this year as I have nothing to read and my bookshelf is empty (it is due to the fact my little sis decided to raid it for books to read). My parents have actually ordered the books (on friday) so now I just have to wait for them to arrive (hopefully by this friday!).
  • I have four nerf guns in my wardrobe which I have to hide from my Dad till Christmas day, its tempting as I want to shoot things. Basically my little sis bought my Dad one for Christmas and Mum decided to buy her and me and my sisters one to fight against him. Christmas day will be epic!

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