Friday, April 15, 2011

A better day!

Today so far has been a much better day, maybe its the fact that I am on holidays? I honestly don't know but here is a quick recap of my day so far!
I awoke at a decent hour (7.30am to be exact) and I felt this huge sense of peace, I had, had this dream and in it, everything worked itself out and was how I had hoped it to be. My guess was that God was telling me that he will help me work through my troubles and that in the end I will get the happy ending I have praying for but in his own timing!
I had lounged around for awhile going on facebook, playing games on my ipod etc. Then Mum, Dad and I went out to a shopping center. While we there Mum asked me out of the blue if I had anything to wear to a party tomorrow and I said I wasn't really sure so we went looking for a top and found a gorgeous top that looked soooo nice on and the colour suited me perfectly (its almost the exact same colour as my ball gown! Which is royal purple) so this brightened my mood, I love the top and can't wait to wear it! We continued shopping for awhile then went home where I have spent the rest of the day relaxing.
I don't have alot planned for next week, on Monday one of my friends is coming over and we are going to scrapbook, listen to Glee, watch Glee and bake cookies (thats if we don't run out of time!), so that will great, but apart from that I will just go with flow.

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