Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coming to an end.

The school term is coming to an end, this has been a term I would rather forget. Things haven't been easy and at times I have felt like screaming, so too say I am glad this term is over is under statement. Because of this term being hard I have had to find ways to escape and I am suprised how they have become habits. I now listen to music regulary when ever I am feeling down the song Firework (first sung by Katie Perry) by Glee has been a great help so has the two original songs by the Glee cast: Get It Right and Loser Like Me. I now write in a journal poems and statements about how I am feeling. These two things have been a great help and both help me clear my mind.
Things are getting easier but there are still things that set me off.
I can only hope that next term will be better.

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