Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hay conejos por todas partes!

Happy Easter every one! The title of this post is in spanish its not really relevent to what I am going to write about but it gave me a laugh this morning (I'll tell you what it means at the end of the post), my parents bought this calender and every day it has a Spanish sentence that you can use in everyday life, some of the sentences are: Yo no, prefiero los gatos- Not me, I prefer cats and Es el final del camino- It's the end of the road.
Today has been a good day, for starters we got rain!!! We have had a very dry summer and autum so far, so getting rain today was great. Church was good and it was fun celebrating Easter. This afternoon it was very laid back and me and my sisters watched dvds and ate chocolate which was nice. Overall it was a good day.
So what does 'Hay Conejos por todas partes?' mean? 'There are rabbits everywhere!' my aim now is to work this sentence into a conversation somehow :) hope you guys have had a good easter :)

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