Friday, July 29, 2011

Recap of the past few weeks

Sorry for not posting in a while but I have been caught up in life, the school holidays were great, it was nice to just relax and forget about thing for a while (like blog posting! Sorry again!) and then I caught up in going back to school and now my mums away till monday which means I have to do all the cooking and dishes and whatever else she does (like waking us up in the morning, lets just say the alarm didn't go off and all of us work half an hour later than we were supposed to have woken up!).  Anyway to update you are on my life here are ten things that have happened in the past 3 weeks :)
  1. I (or more like my family) have a new addition to the family, she is small, cute,fluffly and meows . . . we have a kitten (so in total thats 4 cats now if you are keeping count), she is the cutest most cheekiest thing in the world. We all love her, I will post a pic when I can get my mum's camera. Her name is Chickpea if your wondering =^.^=
  2. I have gotten hooked on the Glee Project those guys are just so talented! I can't wait to see who wins I love Cameron, so I really want him to win :)
  3. I have gone back to school, this will be my last full term of school, so I am kinda sad about that.
  4. I have realised how much time flys! I mean it seems like only yesterday (when it really was 2 months ago) I was organising friends coming over to dinner and now in a few days they will be coming! Here I am thinking I have heaps of time to work out a menu and everything and now I dont!
  5. Its been raining heaps! Which is nice, we need the rain so bad at the moment we have had such a dry past few years so its nice to have some rain.
  6. I have started doing exercises to flatten my tummy and they are working! I aim to do them every night but it seems to be every 2nd night since school has gone back. My jeans which fitted me fine at the beginning of winter, I now have to wear a belt with, but I'm not complaining :)
  7. I have gotten back into reading, I have been re reading a few books, but also a few new ones. Though I always read, sometimes I do it cause it habit, but I have found a few books that I am enjoying to read which is nice.
  8. I have been making lots of desserts, and experimenting with a few of them. My favourite one is a caramel tart recipe with I will try and post soon, it is sooo good :)
  9. I have been keeping on top of all my school work and passing every class, I thought I would fail an english essay as I couldn't think straight (no one could in my class that day) and I got 53% which is bad but its a pass.
  10. I went down south for a few days which was nice, I mean we got rained on, but apart from that, it wasn't too bad

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