Thursday, July 7, 2011

A random night post

So its 9.16 at night and I am sitting at the computer typing a blog post just for the sake of it. I honestly don't know why maybe cos theres too many thoughts swirling through my head?! This saturday I am getting my big left toe operated on, because its ingrown, I blame genectics my grandfather had them and he pasted them onto to my mother who in turn pasted them onto me and my sisters. So basically because of this, I have to put my foot up for 24 hours once the surgery has been done and then can't wear (enclosed) shoes for 2 weeks and to top it all off its the middle of winter has been a grand total of 15 degrees max the whole week, honestly I will be happy once its over. But hey I am on holidays as of this afternoon which means no school for 2 weeks (and 2 days not that I care), I am just looking forward to relaxing and enjoying myself, tomorrow I get to see my best friend Gem which will be great, then on tuesday its shopping (hopefully my toe isn't too sore!) and next friday we get to go away for a weekend yay! The holidays are looking great and I am more than ready for a relaxing 2 weeks. I am hoping this will give me more time to post so check back here often :)

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