Thursday, October 23, 2014

Countdown to Christmas!

The countdown to Christmas is on! Well according to the shops it is and I guess considering in 2 days time it will be 2 months to Christmas, most people are starting to think about Christmas shopping. I have started my Christmas gift list and today I managed to cross off my Dad and youngest sister. My Dad is one of the hardest people to buy for but I managed to get him something which I am sure he will love, my youngest sister is getting a bangle she wanted and something else and I crossed off Megan (my middle sister) ages ago as she told me that she wanted all 3 High School Musical soundtracks so thanks to my addiction to online shopping (fine any shopping of any kind!) I was able to pick up each of the CDs for very little! I now just have to buy a gift for my Mum and best friend (Gem) who are both easy to buy for. Then I will start working my way through the little gifts for various friends.

Today I was asked by Mum what I wanted for Christmas (we were discussing it) and that we should start a list on the whiteboard we have in the kitchen like we did last year. This year I want a car and a job, mind you I have two promising leads on jobs (both that I want and are perfect for me! So I am praying that one of them turns out to be the one, God willing!) so the job one seems likely. The car seems wishful thinking as well! Honestly I don't want/need anything but I do have just over 2 months to think of something.

I find its easy to break my list into sections: Immediate family (which includes Gem as I have known her my whole life), friends who I normally get something small for (I tend to do a nice Christmas decoration and bake something Christmassy), church friends who get something handmade or baked (I have these talents so I use them!) and my nieces and nephew (I'm an aunt to triplets who live over east) which needs to be sent so I tend to get them a book or something easy to send that can be shared between them all. I always aim to get my immediate family bought for by the end of November as December is always so crazy without having to buy presents which require a lot of thought. I love baking and I always grew up with a Mum who would bake things for people as gifts, so Christmas isn't complete if I haven't baked a batch of gingerbread and other goodies. I managed to pick up some Christmas sprinkles at the beginning of this year cheaply so they will get used.

I am intending to do another Christmas gift guide so stay tuned for that in a month or so! Now if only I can resist playing Christmas music for another few weeks I will be set!

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