Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Just another interview

You spend the night before stressing about what shoes to wear with your dress, whether your black wedges are to informal compared to your black heels, what jewellery to wear and if you can get away with wearing minimal makeup you end up deciding to wear your black heels, your simple silver earrings, your opal ring you got for your birthday and leave the rest of your jewellery as is, and to keep your makeup classy with your deep purple dress. You go to bed later than usual in the hope that you will fall fast asleep rather than stressing about the little details.
You wake up the next day and anxiety fills you, you begin to doubt yourself and if the interview is a waste of time. You run some errands with your mum and sister then get home and force yourself to eat lunch you get dressed and do your makeup and hair. You get in the car with your mum and get to the place you sit in the car for 5 minutes as you are super early praying that it goes well. You walk up the steps to the building praying the whole way up, you get in the building and a sense of peace slowly fills you, you can do this, this job is yours you hope, you wait in line behind two people one of whom who is there for building approval the other there for dog registration. The lady at the desk smiles at you and says you better not be there for dog registration too jokingly you say no that you have an interview at 2.30 she makes a call and asks you to take a seat. You sit down and try to distract yourself with Facebook and Twitter on your phone unsuccessfully you jump whenever someone walks by in your direction. You eventually get approached by the person from HR you spoke to on the phone on Friday you pray then take the steps into the office. You walk into a room with 2 glass walls with two other people sitting at the desk you get introduced, shake their hands and take a seat the interview starts.
You answer various questions and before you know it the interview is over you walk out of the building knowing that its all in God's hands and you did the best you could, you pray that the next two weeks will go by quickly so you can find out if you have the job or not, because at the end of the day its just another interview.

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