Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Finally and eventually

How can it be a month until Christmas?! I guess its time to break out the Christmas music and start making lists and checking them twice :)

As of today I have my license! I somehow managed to pass the hazard perception test after failing it 3 times (I attempted it yesterday) in the end I just waited until I saw an actual hazard and reminded myself that it was no big deal if I passed or failed it. I also managed to get hold of the hazard perception test preparation CD which has different questions to the ones online (its the 4 practice questions you do in the test before the actual test) and did that 8 times last night (it was boring but it helped) so I would recommend that you get a copy after you pass your practical test while you are still at the licensing centre after it. I honestly can't believe that I can drive and though it has taken me a while to get there (no thanks to Dyspraxia and anxiety) I am happy that I stuck with it. Yes it sucks when you fail tests but just keep doing it and when you do get it, it will be that much more rewarding.
I have already driven alone twice to my employment agency meeting and back and did ok (I will admit that I parked badly but it was a pretty empty car park so it didn't matter much), I did get lost on the way home but that was due to taking a detour (through McDonalds drive through to get a slushie as it was so hot and I needed a treat) and I made it home safely.

I also received this shirt in the mail (only took 2 and a half weeks to arrive from America) which I can't wait to wear this Summer so that added to an already good day.

I am honestly praying that I get a job soon as I need to buy a car, of course being able to drive will help as it means that I'm not limited to getting public transport (which can be a pain at times). Getting my license has helped put things in perspective and I know I will get a job eventually just as I got my license eventually :)

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