Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last week, this week

This week is a confusing crazy busy week and I am unsure what to think. Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with a recruitment agency regarding a job, this wouldn't be a big deal except it will be the first interview I will be driving to and it will require me to drive up a few major roads one I have only driven up a few times so that will be an adventure in itself to get there not including the meeting. I was planning on meeting a friend for coffee but thankfully that has been rescheduled (to sometime next week) so it means tomorrow afternoon I can unwind before having to go out to a family dinner (which I won't be driving to). Then on Tuesday I have yet another job interview this time I will be getting there by public transport as its in a central location and parking will be a nightmare. Both jobs are part-time and junior admin so I am praying that one of them will be the job for me. Wednesday I am visiting my Grandma and helping my Mum run errands, Thursday I am hoping to meet with a friend for coffee and Friday I will collapse and will catch up on some TV shows.
I am getting to the point where I am wondering what God has planned for me and if this craziness will ever end. Some weeks like this week are busy on the job front and others like last week are quiet.

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