Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Favourites

Its time for another Friday Favourites! This one is a bit smaller due to the others as my mind has been filled try to stay calm and focused on the interview I had on Wednesday, but I am happy to get it out.

Echosmith shirt - I came across this shirt on Monday and I have just ordered it! I have NEVER bought any band merchandise but I need a couple more t-shirts for summer and this one caught my eye I went for the largest size (XL) they had as I likes my shirts to fit loose so I will update here on how it fits when it arrives. UPDATE:  I found the width perfect but it is on the long side (which doesn't bother me much), its super soft and I will definitely wear it this Summer with shorts :)

Formula 10.0.6 Face The Day Tinted Moisturiser, No Time to Shine Face Mask and Over Night Success Spot Minimising Patches - I use all these products weekly!
The moisturiser is my go to and it feels so light but still gives good coverage and a healthy glow. I apply it every morning and just like the name I feel like I can face the day.
The mask is amazing and I find that its good to dab on the spots if I can't be bothered doing my whole

face. It gets rid of the excess oil and leaves my skin feeling refreshed.
The patches are magic and I honestly have no idea what I did without them! My youngest sister and I love them and use these heaps. You just stick them to the source of the breakout once you cleansed your face for the night and go to bed and they do all the work. Just removed them the next day and you will notice a difference trust me. There is 7 packs in each box each containing 12 patches - 6 big, 6 small and they will last you a while (one pack can do me for 2 separate nights easily). Jewellery - my dear sisters bought me the ring pictured for my birthday from them (which I lost then found in my bag of all places after looking there 5 times!) and I love their jewellery. I am planning on buying my Mum her Christmas present from there :) it's all sterling silver and the prices aren't too bad. I am also eyeing off a pair of silver and opal studs for myself so I have a feeling that I should avoid it until I have actually money to spend because I can just see myself spending $100 easily!

Echosmith Talking Dreams - I have made no lie that I love their music and I have discovered that certain music artists affect my ability to blog and it seems that I can blog to Echosmith really well. Their album is out today and its really good music so I have a feeling that this will be on replay for quite a while. I love the song Safest Place its just a catchy tune and the lyrics speak to me. Check it out on iTunes and grab yourself a copy :)

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