Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lets not repeat this

This past week has been one of the worst I have experienced in a long time and I do not wish to have a repeat of it ever again.
Monday was probably the only ok day and the rest of the week was downhill so where do I start?
Tuesday - found out via email I didn't get the job I so badly wanted and to say I was disappointed was an understatement I was crushed. I then decided that I would give up on ever getting a job in admin but of course God had other plans and 30 minutes after making that decision I got a phone call regarding a job interview in the city the next day.
Wednesday - was just was just busy and the interview took up the whole morning and the rest of the day is a blur.
Thursday - I failed my Hazard Perception Test which is the last thing I have to pass to get my licence followed by a massive argument with my father.
Friday - had another job interview in the city, finished my Christmas shopping and re-took my Hazard Perception Test this would've been a good day had I not failed the test again.
The thing with the Hazard Perception Test is that you can only do 3 practice questions online and they are the exact same ones, the actual test is 28 questions and they are varied. You also just get told whether you pass or fail not the actual percentage or which questions you got right/wrong which is stupid as I want to know what I need to work on! I am so close to getting my license and it sucks that it relies on passing this somewhat pointless test does anyone have any tips on passing it?
The only good thing is that I can take the test once a day until I pass it (it does cost me $14 though) and some post offices will allow you to take it there (licensing centres remind me of all those failed drivers tests) one of which I can get to on the bus quite easily so theres that but I just want to drive.
I am just praying that this week will be a better week and not a repeat of last week.

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