Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Just thought I would pop in here and wish everyone a Merry Christmas (and that you will not gain any weight due to all the celebrating!).
This day last year I managed to bog my Mum's car before a driving test (why they do driving tests on Christmas eve I do not know) which I failed due to well everything (fine I ran through a stop sign) and involved parking in a crazy busy small shopping centre's car park which almost gave me an anxiety attack. I managed to bog to my Mum's car due to my Dad telling me to turn around in a paddock at the chicken feed store of course my dad failed to realise that it was sand and the car very quickly got bogged so it wasn't actually my fault, but whenever we drive by the feed store I often think of that day!
I had intended to spend to the day avoiding driving, but of course I decided to take my middle sister to get Chinese food for lunch (because a girls gotta eat and I was afraid if I opened the fridge everything would fall on me) which lead to us running into the shopping centre to get vanilla essence, strawberries and cherries along with a gift for Mum from her. I did hit a few curbs parking but honestly I was happy that I could get parking and didn't hit any cars (I almost did but that's another matter and one I do not wish to relive!).
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I leave you with a photo of Rikki 'helping' decorate the tree which he has thankfully left alone.

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