Friday, December 19, 2014

Just an update

Less than a week until Christmas! I hope everyone has done their Christmas shopping, I avoid big shopping centres from now until after boxing day as between the crowds, parking and people trying to sell me things everything gets too much.
This week has been crazy busy and I am happy that I can spend today doing as I please. Yesterday I went to a job interview which was a disaster, I felt I had to prove and defend myself which if you have to do that in an interview imagine what it will be like working there! It was also fulltime which I didn't really want so I was relieved when I got an email last night saying I didn't get the job. Wednesday I helped run errands with Mum which involved going to many shopping centres and visiting my Grandma. Tuesday I went to my middle sister's end of school picnic which was fun and I was allowed to drive her home (which was my first ever time driving with someone other than my parents) which involved singing to Big Time Rush, getting sprite slushees from McDonalds and every 5 minute her asking me 'Guess what Erin? YOU CAN DRIVE!', it was a fun drive home. Monday was quiet and I stayed at home the whole day and applied for some jobs as the bulk of jobs come out on Monday.
Today we had some new arrivals at our house they are small, yellow, fluffy, come from eggs and go cheep cheep. After 3 weeks of waiting patiently the fertilised eggs Midnight has been sitting on have hatched so we hopefully have 12 chicks (its hard to count them as they all look the same). Here is a photo of Midnight the mama chook and one of them :) it will be fun to watch them grow and they are so cute.

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