Saturday, December 13, 2014

Truth or Dare

I remember when I was younger every sleepover I ever went to my friends and I always played Truth or Dare it was just something we did. The dares were never crazy and we never revealed any deep dark secrets about ourselves doing truth but it was fun and a ritual of sorts. I am beyond the days of sleepovers and playing Truth or Dare but I miss the truth aspect the one time you could reveal what felt like your darkest secrets without being judged.
I feel as though very few people willingly tell the truth anymore and you only let people in on your life so much because you are afraid of what people will think when they find out the real you. I have been guilty of lying when people ask me how I am going because when I say I am good I'm often not because in reality I am over-being-unemployed-and-wanting-to-hit-my-head-against-the-wall-but-I'm-not-because-I-have-faith-in-God but who has time to listen to that so instead I say good or fine.

Here's another lie I often tell people that I am happily single which is true most of the time yet there are days when I long to find someone and wonder when that will happen I am 20 years old and have never been kissed or even held hands with a boy! I mean admittedly I have always said I don't want a boyfriend until I am in a secure job (my anxiety goes crazy the first couple of weeks I am in a new job and there is NO WAY I will put any guy through that!), but I can still dream and look right?! I honestly have no idea how guys work either, I am one of three girls (the oldest, so I don't have any older siblings that have dated before me) and though I have some guy friends I haven't grown up surrounded by guys. Honestly I just want a guy to say to me 'I like you, lets go out sometime' rather than all this crazy mixed message and signal stuff.

I have been told that most people lie to some degree on their resume, mind you this was during an interview when the people interviewing me were using this an example on how people stretch the truth everyday and they are practically accusing me of lying on my resume. Which I am sure is true to some point, but why should we lie or feel the need to stretch the truth on our resumes if we aren't qualified for a job we shouldn't apply for it not stretch the truth to get an interview for a job we have no idea how to do.

Maybe if we were more honest with each other we could be more honest with ourselves and learn to say no to things and not ourselves to our limits. Admit to ourselves that we are stretched too thin, admit to ourselves we need professional help at times, admit to ourselves that we aren't fine or good and admit to ourselves that its ok to tell the truth and let people in to know the real us.

I dare you to tell the truth and be more honest with yourselves and to others this week.

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