Monday, December 8, 2014

This dress, the joys of being unemployed and just a random post in general

I have this dress, its the perfect shade of purple and it fits me perfectly, I have worn it to weddings, job interviews, church and everywhere else, I can wear it with boots, flats, sandals or heels. I always get compliments on it and when I wear it I feel like I can take on the world.
Today I had a job interview (I was meant to have it last Tuesday but it got moved) but before that I was meeting a friend for breakfast (which turned into cake at San Churros because neither of us had much of an appetite and the thought of food made me feel sick due to nerves) and while I was waiting for them to arrive I got complimented on my dress twice once by another friend who I saw and another time by a complete stranger. There is something about wearing this dress that turns heads and gives me confidence (which I seem to lack during interviews), its often my first choice when I have interviews because of this.
The interview went well and I am praying I get this job, its not perfect but I am desperate and honestly its a junior admin role and part time which is all I can ask for. I have a group employment agency meeting tomorrow so that's bound to be interesting and hopefully productive though I have no idea what they can do to help me which I'm not already doing. I am feeling lost and not sure what God has planned for me, I feel like I am treading water and this time last year I was certain I would be employed by now!
I am pretty much doing anything to feel productive at the moment, tonight I made over 50 paper flowers as I needed something to do and on Friday I made candy cane reindeer for my middle sister's school friends (they must've been well received as she took them to school today and had none left). I am also trying to finish the gift guide for this blog as Christmas is just over 2 weeks away so that should be up by Wednesday at the latest (hopefully!).

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