Friday, September 19, 2014

Turning 20 and Friday Favourites

Sorry for the delay in posts! I really wanted to write something inspirational about not being a teenager anymore and turning 20 but nothing came no matter how I hard I tried! I ended up having a picnic after church with the young adults at the lake nearby my house, the weather was perfect and the girls sat on rugs and chatted while the guys (and a couple of girls) played frisbee I honestly couldn't have planned it better! On my actual birthday (Monday) we kept it quiet my family has no major traditions regarding birthdays, I opened presents in the morning (I received some cute silver earrings and some Little Miss PJs from my parents and a cute ring from my sisters which I has managed to come off thankfully in the house and I can't find it so praying it turns up soon!) and I caught the bus into town for some window shopping and to soak up the perfect spring weather. So I am now 20 and honestly it feels normal, I am still unemployed, I am still getting my driving hours up (I get my license in 2 months and 1 day so I need to start seriously doing that!) and I am still trusting God with my future!
  A lot of blogs I read often do Friday Favourites and I have had this post sitting in my drafts for quite some time so I though I should finally post it :)

Carman's Nut Bars I am trying to eat healthy lately and one of my new favourite snacks is Carman's Nut Bars my favourites are the Dark Choc Espresso bars and the Almond, Hazelnut & Vanilla roasted bars. I am allergic to macadamia nuts so its great that both these bars don't contain them and taste super yummy! As a bonus they are gluten free (which means my younger sister can have them) and fruit free (I don't like fruit because I am weird). I have 2 boxes set aside to take down south next weekend when my church competes against other churches in sports as I am once again volunteering and they are perfect for snacks on the go :)

Biore Self Heating One Minute Mud Mask and Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser I love Biore so when they brought out these two new products I grabbed them! I love mud masks and the Self Heating One Minute Mud Mask has been amazing. Both my younger sister and I have been using it and have noticed great results, we both love how we don't have to wait any drying time and can feel it working straightaway. As for the cleanser I was curious about the charcoal element in but it really works and my skin has been thanking me for it, I have noticed less major breakouts and reduced blackheads since using it. Definitely worth trying if you need a new cleanser of just want to treat your skin with the mask.

Tied with Love custom printed ribbon. A few months ago my younger sister was traveling over east with her dancability dance troupe and an ad for custom printed ribbon appeared on my Facebook feed. I contacted the lovely Jo enquiring about the cost as I knew the girls on the troupe would love to wear some in their hair well it turned out the Jo used to do dance classes with the company and was more than happy to donate some! She went above and beyond and donated a stack of the most beautiful ribbon (photos don't do it justice) I had ever seen, there was enough for not only for the girls to wear in their hair but to put on luggage too! It is of great quality and looks great (none of the print has come off and this is after it gone through airport security etc. and been tied and untied) . Jo is great to work with and I am already trying to find excuses to order some more (as is my mum!). I ended up ordering some for my churches sport team for the girls hair and when I showed to the rest of the team they loved and couldn't believe that it possible to order custom ribbon for such a good price and how great the quality is! If you have an event that is coming up and want to add something extra why not get some custom ribbon, I can safely say you won't regret it.

The Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead, I loved Vampire Academy and have been tempted to download the Bloodlines books (a sister series to Vampire Academy) for ages but I couldn't justify spending the money for various reasons but recently they came down in price on Kobo so I downloaded them and couldn't put them down. I read the newest book, Silver Shadows in 24 hours the moment it came out and can't wait for the 6th and final book to be released next February. I've never been fan of vampire books (I can't stand Twilight, I tried to read it and fell asleep) but I love Richelle's writing and can't put any of her books down!

Super Food Ideas magazine, I only ever buy one magazine every month and this is it. I love the recipes and always find a few things to bake out of every issue (and they end up being family favourites!). One of the things I love about is how it never uses strange ingredients in recipes and if for some reason a recipe does use a strange ingredient they almost always explain it what it is beforehand, where to get it and if you can substitute it for anything. The amount of times I read a recipe and think that I should make it then get turned off because of an ingredient that I have no clue what it is, happens more times than not! There is also always a good selection of recipes for all occasions and everyone's preferences from budget friendly to high end dining, from yummy desserts to scrumptious savoury dishes, from beginner recipes to complex recipes and everything in between! I have bought many other cooking magazines in the past and keep coming back to Super Food Ideas, it doesn't matter if you are just starting out in the kitchen or if you are an experienced cook this magazine is well worth a look at.

Red Band Society I have just started watching this show and its addictable! Already in the first episode you feel connected to the charcters and there is something relatable about it. I have been in hospital twice in my life the first was to get my tonsils out which was required so I could have an operation done on my palate to stop the air flow through my nose (which is linked to Dyspraxia) and even though both stays weren't long and the surgeries weren't major in a sense. But both times when I was in hospital I felt a connection to the other kids that were there, we were all in this place we didn't want to be it didn't matter if we were there for a few days, a few weeks or even longer we were at this point at time in the same place. The Red Band Society manages to capture that feeling between the charcters and brings it to life you also get to see the relationships that develop in hospitals and how for some kids teenagers this is their reality and sometimes you have to make the best of a bad situation. I can't wait for the next episode and am looking forward to how it turns out.

I have no idea if this will become a regular post or not considering how long it has taken me to post this one but I will see :)

*none of the above companies know I exist, I just want everyone to know about them :)

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