Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A step in some sort of direction

Today I took a big step in some sort of direction whether that be the right direction or not I do not know. Yesterday after having enduring an employment agency meeting which lasted for 30 minutes and to be honest watching paint dry would've been a better use of my time than be stuck staring at a computer screen trying to look for jobs to apply (spoiler alert there was none!). I decided that I would look into further study after looking on the local TAFE's website and calling them I quickly decided that my best plan of action would be looking into to do a course online.
I actually looked into doing an online course 6 months ago and almost enrolled but decided against it, because of this prior research I knew that I wanted to get my Diploma of Business Administration as it would open up more doors for me and was relevant to my past studies. You can actually skip doing a Cert. 4 if you have real world experience in the field, which I do and a diploma is a step under a university degree. I have 3 years to complete it but if I do a minimum of 9 hours a week on it I can complete it in a year. My aim at this stage is to do 10-12 hours a week on it a week (4 hours, 4 days a week) in between applying for jobs and going to interviews, once I get a job I will cut down on it depending on my work hours and how my anxiety is going. Its all done through HECS which is great so as soon as I start earning over $55,000 (which for an admin worker is rare) it will get taken out with my yearly tax. I also have a whole e-library of books at my fingertips so I will start reading the recommended books in the coming week. I am pretty much enrolled I just have to fill out a form regarding the fees then I am officially enrolled and can start working my way towards.
Honestly I have no idea how this will go but for now its a step in some direction and I can put it on my resume that I am working towards getting my diploma in business administration. I am still praying for the perfect job and know that God has it under control but until I get the job I have something to take my mind off things.

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