Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Lately I have been feeling jealous, its a feeling I try not to let in but there are times when it comes on before I can stop it.
I am jealous of the people who can get jobs easily and have never experienced true unemployment. The ones who just have to go for one interview and they get a job. The ones who get the jobs I so badly want. The ones who can complain about their jobs. The ones who don't have to apply for hundreds of jobs just to get an interview which ends up being a dead end. The ones who have a job to go to and who don't rely on the government just to get by. Lets be honest if you have a job I am jealous of you.
Honestly I hate being unemployed (I am sounding like a broken record aren't I?) and it doesn't help when I have people telling me left, right and centre what I could/should be doing to gain employment! At this stage I am praying that starting this diploma will open some doors and that when I switch employment agencies (my current one is closing down) at the end of next month that they will have some ideas what to do.
I just want one job and its beginning to feel like I will never get one despite how hard I am trying.

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