Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Goals round 2

I have finally gotten around to thinking of some goals for me! Some I admit are just things that I forget to do and others are things that I will really need to focus on in the coming weeks :)
  • Wear my glasses more (I always forget to wear them when I read and blog!)
  • Put 110% into TAFE and try and make some friends in my classes :)
  • Try and work out how to juggle two churches and eventually find a balance between them (I love them both, but right now I am feel overwhelmed by them (and I want to try and get involved in both) )
  • Read my Bible more, at camping we focused on some of the Psalms so I really want to read some more of them.
  • Take time out and relax more rather than never slowing down!
So here are my goals, you may notice that I have only chosen 5 and they are all very manageable for me.I will keep you updated on my progress :)

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