Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random Recap :)

So I have a lot of random things happening so I thought I would just list 10 of them:
  1. I paid for TAFE on Wednesday and it's finally feeling real! I have my orientation in 2 weeks (which means 2 weeks to learn what buses to catch and what not).
  2. I have been spending a bit of money lately on various things just for the sake of it. I tell a lie I actually needed to buy some things. I bought my sister a Birthday present, bandaids for my foot, some stationary supplies, a bag for TAFE (my current handbag is to small to carry text books and things that I will need so I picked up a bag which is perfect and was on sale for only $10 at Jeanswest) and a few others things (which I didn't need) :)
  3. I picked up this dress (its the floral design) for only $20 (it was an in store deal) on Tuesday and love it, its so light and girly, I also got a belt to go with it. I think that I may just be addicted to Jeanswest.
  4. Some people have a door mat well we have a door cat (and a door mat!).  One of my family's cats (Maddy) has decided that she loves sitting out side the front door and loves to greet us.
  5. I was woken up to a storm the other morning and though it wreaked havoc, around  lunch time you could barely tell that their had been a storm due to how hot and sunny it was.
  6. My watch died for no reason, thankfully it is still under warranty  so I can get it fixed :) but until I get it back (it will take 6 weeks) I will be borrowing one of my sisters watches (she has around 8!) that she doesn't wear. 
  7. My foot is finally healed :) it didn't take as long as I thought it would (just over a week) :D
  8. Chickpea (my kitten) is growing up, she is around 8 months old now and is the same size of Maddy (one of my other cats who is fully grown and smaller than an average cat), I'm not too sure if she will grow anymore but for now she is still acting like a kitten (and looks like one, well an adolesent cat).
  9. My little sister starts high school in one and a half weeks and she already has a reputation for being the 'the girl who is crazy about cats younger sister' in November she had her orientation and all the teachers (I told them who she was and gave them a brief description of her) kept asking her how the cats were!
  10. I went to a new church today and actually enjoyed it (it's a night service at a local uni) and intend to go every Sunday night :D

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