Saturday, January 14, 2012

Camping: Recap

I am back in the land of the blogging! After an awesome week away it feels umm sad/strange/nice to be back! I thought I would do a recap of my holiday, but being the accident prone girl I am something bad had to happen this wasn't as bad as what it could've been which I am thankful for but the fact was it happened. This was the only low point of my holiday.

For the past 3 years we have always gone when there has been a beach mission on (its a family festival and they run loads of activities during the week while also spreading the word of God) and there is a teen day trip on the thursday.

This year the trip was once again to the national park located about 30 minutes drive of the park (on google earth it doesn't look that far but to get to it you have to drive on a gravel track which weaves through the bush etc) which is a mouth of a river. We had an 'Amazing Race' in the morning then after lunch we decided to swim and jump of a few rocks, I decided to just sit on a rock which was mostly submerged under the water apart from the tip and when I was getting down off it (carefully sliding off it) my left heel smashed into a pointed bit of the rock, at the time I didn't think much of it and continued to swim to shore but once I got to shore I realised that the skin was broken and I had a hole in my foot (it wasn't very deep but where it was the skin was very tough so the rock was quite sharp). Of course I just put on a bandaid and went on the bush walk to get to a swimming hole (I didn't go swimming due to my foot) in which I managed to twist my right ankle (which is pretty much fine now) and get my right shoe drenched! After the trip I went back to my (camp) site and had a shower and afterwards I had a look at it and it was much worse than what I thought it was, in fact the part of the my heel I did it is where I put alot of my weight on but of course when I did I was in pain. Thankfully we had a a few large bandaids which covered the hole completly, but that now means that until its healed (no pun intended) I can't walk on that part of the foot so am walking on my tippy toes on my left foot, but the rest of my holiday was awesome here are the highlights!
  • Catching up with my friends from previous years.
  • Relaxing and reading.
  • Swimming (before my foot go hurt) and collecting shells.
  • The nightly bible study with the teens.
  • Watching a guy deciding to drink a litre of this cordial straight  which is double concentrated, he could only manage a few sips and then when ever you mentioned it he groaned.
  • Playing the card game presidents and scumbags and 21.
  • Seeing the wildlife we saw lizards, kangeroos, blue wrens, crabs, star fish and an octopi.
  • Playing Ninjah Destruction.
  • Seeing the awesome drama the beach mission team put on.
  • The quiz night in which we came 5th (it was an improvement on previous years when we came last).
  • The day outing (regardless of the fact I hurt my foot!).
  • Coming home to seeing my cats (I couldn't resist!).
Honestly these are just the things that I can think of from the top of my head, overall it was an awesome week regardless of my injury!
*The photos shown here are taken by one of my friends Elise (aren't they amazing?!) so a special thanks to her for letting me use the pics :)

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