Wednesday, January 15, 2014

At Peace

a piece of artwork I did of 2 doves which symbolise peace
Monday I had an interview for a job, I once again did my hair and makeup, put on my favourite purple dress and black heels, spritzed myself with my favourite perfume and mentally prepared myself. I have no idea how the interview went but I prayed before I went in, took deep breaths and went in ready for anything, I will hear back by Monday.
After the interview I couldn't describe how I felt about it but a day later I had the perfect way to describe how I was feeling: at peace.
At peace about the interview
At peace about money issues
At peace about finding the right guy at the right time
At peace about my driving
At peace about my job searching
At peace about my future
At peace about my past
At peace about everything
I have finally been able to have a restful stress less sleep which I haven't had for what seems like forever.
Its funny how my name means peace (look it up) and it has taken me 19 years to finally feel at peace about my life.
So how does feeling at peace feel? Amazing.

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