Monday, January 6, 2014

Guy talk with my grandma

I have never really dated anyone (though my 2nd youngest sister claims that I am dating one of guy friends who I have know for years! She told my best friend once when she came over and I was running late so wasn't home yet and that was interesting to say the least!) and I have always said I want the first person I date to be my last, meaning I want to marry them which may sound somewhat ambitious but its been in head since I was a little girl (I also want to get married young but that's another matter). I also want to be friends first before I date the guy, I feel that the guy should know what he's in for and I want that history with them. I also want them to not be scared of my father (oldest daughter out of 3 girls so he can be some what protective, oh and he rides motorbikes) and just realise that I am close to my family and sisters especially as one of them has down syndrome.

I was visiting my Grandma a while ago with my mum and mum wanted to know how she and my late grandfather met. So we were told the story (which I have since forgotten) and then my grandma's attention turns to me and asks if I am interested in someone and is that why I wanted to know how she and granddad met, I told her I wasn't but I was curious as she and my granddad had had a great relationship they complimented each other in the nicest possible way. She told me the following: When you meet someone who you are interested in, pray to God asking for his wisdom and for him to do something about it, if it doesn't go any further then understand that God has someone better for you out there.
Once again my Grandma hits the nail on the head (actually she was more a baker so the icing on the cupcake?)

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