Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Ok so I've really neglected my blog and I am very sorry about it!!! Ok so lately I have been thinking about friendships (that and saving money another story which I will tell u about when I have done it) I mean we all need them but sometimes they say or do things which upset or hurt us with out relising it! I mean I have a friend (but for resons I will not use her name) lets call Mia (sorry to all the mias out there!) who I have known since year 5 when I started at my new primary school we immeadiatly became best friends and in year six we started to go to youthgroup togeather and every friday night we were there it was 'our thing' we continued to go there every week right up until recently then it was just me, my friend Andrew and Sarah (yes they got sucked in too!) sharing the car ride there and back I don't know why Mia stopped comming but Mia had always loved basketball and she played it when ever she could but friday nights were still our time then in year 8 she got sick with anorexia I felt like I had lost my best friend not just physicly but mentally too she withdrew into herself and at that time she lost interest in going ye she still went but she withdrew and wasn't there in spirit.

I guess it just went downhill from there she went from being a christian and loving to spend time with god to almost the complete opposite. Then in year 10 she was allowed to play basket ball and she got offered a place in the WABL (west australian basket ball league) that happened to train on friday nights let me tell you even before that she made excuses about not coming. Now the basket ball season has ended and she facebooked me with a letter saying how she didn't want to go to youthgroup any more and didn't have the time for it I mean seriously year 12's come to youthgroup who are doing TEE and they still make time to go!!!

I know I shouldn't be worked up about this but how come I feel that this is wrecking my Friendship with Mia . . . . .
Please pray for her :-)

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