Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best Friends

Every one has many friends I mean I'm sure I do! The thing is we consider many of these Friends aquaintenses (bad spelling I know!) but it is only in our time of need when we need them that we realise that they are our friends.

We also have Best Friends a term given to the friends that we are close to. I have a few people who I consider these: Gemma- I've know her for about 14 years and we have continued to keep in touch (gotta love the phone and facebook!)regardless that we are 2 hours apart! Rebekah-I've known her since I was born and only now as we are in our teens we have realised how close we are in fact she is the twin sister I've never had! Theres also Meg and Sarah- my primary school friends who I've kept in touch with. I have many more that these seem to be the ones always on my mind.

Then we have good friends, friends who we see often but don't know every thing about us I could be here all day if I were to list the main ones!

So whats the difference between a friend, a good friend and a best friend to me it is on a level of trust friends are people who don't know my secrets, good friends are people who know a few things about me and best friends know EVERY THING about and me and I mean EVERY THING!!!

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