Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is raceism?

What is Raceism? I mean is it teasing someone because of their race? or putting them down beacuse they have a disability or a family member disability? Or even teasing them because of their religion.

Raceism is often thought as a single thing but often it means more than one. I have recently been putting up with the last two types. And I have been think that it is Raceism. But this leads me onto another thing bullying.

I have recently been bullied by a few people most of them I thought that they were my friends. I hate been bullyied but this is 10 times worse as I thought that we were friends. After reading a few things I have decided not be friends with them. I mean it was hard but it is worth it as now they won't be able to hurt me as much. Bullying is always wrong so why is put down after raceism? Why doesn't the government put an anti bullying program in schools? I don't know but something should be done before its to late . . .

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