Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting rid of the words that scar me

***Before I begin this post please note I am only doing this for me, if it offends you in anyway please move on***

I have written about me being bullied before and how it made my life misrable, well sure now I'm not in school I don't have to worry about it yet I still do as the scars are there sure not visable but mental. Because of bullying I doubt myself and have little self confidence. Because of bullying I avoid social situations where people who bullied me may show up at. Because of bullying I feel I am being consistiently judge. Because of bullying it takes me a while to fully trust people. Because of bullying it takes time for me to be myself around people. All this has occured because of bullying and it sucks and it has wrecked me but I am slowly picking myself up and leaving the bullying in the past in a big dusty box locked with a million locks which is never to be opened again. One day I will show the people who bullied that it hasn't broken and that I am successful and happy with how I am. Sure it will take time but I am ready to get rid of the scars and not cover them and use them for an excuse. Being bullied may have made my school years hell but they won't make now or the future hell.

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