Friday, April 28, 2017

Five Friday Favourites

I missed Friday Favourites last week as I was so busy and trying to finish this post but I am back again this week!

Mental Illness in TV - with 13 Reasons Why on Netflix there has been a lot of talk about how mental illness was portrayed in it and how it wasn't a great example of it (I have yet to personally watch it but I have read the book which I have mixed feelings about). So I turn your attention back to this post with a broad list of TV Shows all of which show mental illness well and realistically. I have also updated it to include a few more recent shows. I highly recommend you read this list if you are after something else to watch after 13 Reasons Why that shows mental illness in a different light.

Kiss and Cry Movie - I mentioned this in a prior post but I am super excited to say it will be released on Netflix on May 1! It's from the same people who did FullOut which Megan and I love to watch, so I know it will be great. Check out the trailer below:
Brooklyn Nine Nine and Riverdale inspired buttons - I saw these at Comic-Con when I was there but they only had the badge back so I was thrilled when I could order these online with a magnet back. I love these so much and have a complete set of each. They are great quality and I wouldn't hesitate to buy more for gifts. I only hope a few more different TV shows are released (thinking The Office and The IT Crowd would be great!) because they have made my door frame more fun and I would love to have some more.

Disney Descendants 2 soundtrack - I loved the first movie and soundtrack, so I thrilled to be able pre-order Disney Descendants 2 soundtrack and listening to the songs that have been released. Its a great mix of tracks and its making me look forward to the movie when it comes out mid this year.

Unicorn Candle Holder - unicorns seem to be the in thing at the moment and a few weeks ago I couldn't resist purchasing this candle holder. It's super cute and best of all it will work with most birthday candles you get. I love how it adds a fun element to ordinary birthday cakes and I have received loads of compliments on it. The price may seem a bit steep but its really well made and I know it will be used a lot, I plan on breaking it out at every birthday possible.

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