Thursday, April 30, 2009


At My school we have many 'groups' in every year these groups are pretty much the same but different though they vary in years 11 and 12. The groups are

  • 'The popular group' to get into this group you have to have all the latest 'cool' gadgets and fashions and go shopping most weekends and get invited to all the 'cool' parties. Though it is considered ok to bitch about your besties behind their backs and be utter snobs to every one else how they became popular I do not know. It is also considered a crime if you talk to any one lower than you and to them it is considered ' a sport' to be bitchy to any one lower than you (this includes wrecking their work ).

  • Next you have the 'almost popular' these are people that do not get invited to every party nor have every latest gadget. They are friends with all the 'popular group' as well as some of the 'lower groups' and if not friends they are nice to them.

  • Next is the 'middle group or popular wannabe's' these are people that try to get in the above 2 but often with little or no sucess. They are friends with most people and try to get along with every one but often with little sucess they move through all the 5 groups freely and really have no actual place in 'the groups'.

  • Next to last is the 'go with flow group' this is kinda like the 'middle group' but try to stick/stay seperate from every one else they talk freely around with all the people and can be either friends or enimies depending on the day. Most be aknowledge them.

  • Finally you have the 'loner or no friends group' this is a very rare group and often changes on a daily base. These people do not talk to any one nor try and be friendly to any one. Most of the groups find it hard to talk to these people.

so where do I fit in? Well I like to think I fit in the 'go with the flow' group. As you have noticed these groups break down the three groups in priamary school:

  • the popular group

  • the middle group

  • and the unpopular group.

these groups will always change but they always come down to these groups. But if there is one thing most people want to know it is why we have them? Well who knows I sure don't it just makes life a whole lot more complicated!

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