Monday, April 20, 2009


We all have dreams that we want to achive or things we want to do. I know I do but sometimes these dreams can be crushed by a range of things but sometimes we can still achive these dreams we just don't know it yet. For example I knew a girl who lost her leg in a car accident she wanted to be a school teacher and for a moment there she thought she could not she now goes to murdoch uni and is studying to be a teacher something many are sure she will do.

Each year many are dignosed with cancer some suffer through it and resume somewhat 'normal' lives where as others do not survive. My Grandfather was one of those people who did not survive it he lived his life the best he could even going around australia with my Grandma when he for a short period time was in remission they had a great time and I think during the 'final days' he and my Grandma looked back on them.

I think we value those days with our loved ones who are suffering of cancer. But what we don;t know is that our days are numbered too some of us could die in a number of days or hours and very un expectedly. Only god knows how long we live.

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Amanda said...

Excellent post Erin, very inspirational!