Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today is ANZAC day a time where we remember those who fought and died for us in the war. I have two relatives who both fought in the war one on the australian side and the other on the german side! They are both my great grandparents and it is strange to think that they proboly fought against each other in the war. So today I decided to make an ANZAC day cake to remember them by. I have tried to make anzac biscuts before and they just never seemed to turn out! Ok so maybe I forgot the sugar or added to much golden syrup! But they always seemed to be a disaster! So I went and found a recipe for one ( for the recipe click this link and it turned out well! So now it is sitting on the bench just waiting to be eaten for lunch! But how ever you celebrate ANZAC day rember those who fought for us and take a closer look all these men who died so young are now in historys book ( thanks to Meg for that part of her poem).

least we forget!

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