Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All about me.

I wish more people were reading my blog so I can only hope this increases as time passes. I feel that I need to introduce my self so this is all about me:

Hobbies: Reading,writing stories, blogging, taking care of little kids, cooking,cake decorating,catching up with friends,shopping and much much more.
Family: I am the oldest of 3 kids and I have a Mum and a Dad.
Pets:3 cats- Maddy(Madeline),Tom(Tommy) and Peebo. Birds-Wonka,Indie(budgies),Princess and Prince(button quails). 1 Axolotle- Chocolate and a few fish.
Currently reading: Dewey - a story about cat who adopts a library.
Sayings: 'oh Mads you are just too cute to be taken seriously!' 'What will be,will be'

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