Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Granddad

Today would've been my Granddad's 75th birthday but unfortunatly he passed away a few years ago from prostate cancer a shock to every one. It felt strange to be in a resturaunt celebrating my Mum's, Auntie Lea's and a family friend's birthday with out him there yes we had fun ( who wouldn't it was Sizzlers for Godness Sakes!) but I'm sure my Mum and Grandma kept thinking about him as did I.

My Granddad died when I was about 10 we had recently moved up here and we know now that it was a 'god thing' ( I like the way it sounds) that my Dad was offered the job around the time my Grandad was dignosed. My Mum helps my Grandma do things that would be too hard/confusing for her to do alone and my Dad helps her with the gardening/pruning ect and keeping of her house. We all help out though at times it is hard to arrange things around our life style but we do what we can to help her out. We were all close to my Granddad (our family proboly the closest seeing as my Dad didn't have any family over here they were always called if we needed help ie looking after me and my sisters ect) and when he died no matter how much we had prepared for it still came as a shock to us and his funeral was well attended ( he was the head of the Baptist union before he was dignosed with cancer) it was a sad time and our house looked and smelt like a flower shop!


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