Tuesday, May 22, 2012

25 Random things

A few bloggers are doing 25 random things so I thought I would join in :) so here are 25 random things about me :)
  1. I always have to whole number in my bank account, by whole I mean $50 or $100 (anything that ends in '0') I can never have $55 or $102 if I do I will purposely go and buy something to make it a whole number.
  2. I rarely do not like teachers or lecturers but if (and when) I do I dread going to class and will complain big time.
  3. I read the beginning of the book first then the end chapters then start where I left off at the beginning of the book.
  4. I used to be able to go in winter wearing only a T-Shirt and jeans but now I need a few hundred layers on.
  5. My cats like to control my life by saying that I mean they wake me up on weekends, then play my shoes/whatever else they can get their paws on and then follow me around. It drives me mad at times but it never fails to not make me smile.
  6. I hate it when people leave their dishes in the sink unwashed and the water goes cold, it always happen when I just happen to be at TAFE for the morning and I come home and I find the sink like that.
  7. I always get Maddy and Chickpea mixed they both look kinda alike and are similar in size.
  8. The other day I did a random survey as I felt sorry for the guy doing it. I have no idea why I felt sorry for the guy but I just did.
  9. I like to buy my Mummy things because she does so much for me and doesn't get enough credit for what she does.
  10. My Grandma has dementia and parkinsons and because of that rings up 2-7 times a day, it has gotten to the point that if the phone rings between a certain time me and my sister know that its her calling.
  11. I honestly cannot see myself moving out of home in the next few years and my parents are in no hurry to kick me out which is good :)
  12. I want to wear my ball gown again so bad but have no place to wear it.
  13. I work better if I listen to music. Sometimes its a christian artist, other times its a soundtrack from a favourite movies and other times its Glee, it all depends on my mood.
  14. I talk to myself alot when I am home alone, it helps me process things and work through problems.
  15. I thought I would miss high school way more than I do. I miss certain things about it (like some of the teachers and classes) but not it as a whole.
  16. I never wanted to get my ears pierced as a little girl then when I was 10 I decided I wanted to so I got them done for my 11th birthday and then decided to get them piecred a second time when I was 15. 
  17. I only were silver (as in the tone and the metal) jewellery. Gold just doesn't suit me at all.
  18. I want to pay for my mum to do nursing at TAFE as I know she will be good at it (she also wants to do it).
  19. I got my mum into collecting mushrooms for the garden. I convinced her to buy my grandfather one for Christmas one year and now that we are selling the house he and my grandma lived it (my grandma is in a nursing home now) she brought it home and placed it in the garden and thought it looked lonely so bought another one and now we have a collection (and we are starting to add gnomes to it).
  20. I love fairy tales that have been modernised, there is a new TV series that has just started called Once Upon a Time and I am loving it :).
  21. I hate it when people ask me if its hard having a sister with Down Syndrome, its all I've ever known and yes at times it is challenging but it has never been hard. In Megan's case she brings us entertainment and always manages to make our days somehow, the other day as I was walking down the road to the bus stop she called out 'Bye Erin love you!' it took ages for me to loose the smile that was on my face.
  22. The only exercise I do is walk to and from the bus stop which doesn't seem like much but it equals around 30-40 minutes of excercise per day.
  23. A young high school guy offered his seat to me on the bus today and it honestly made my day.
  24. I wanted to be a florist from the time I was 8 onwards, but eventually let go of the dream as it involved early mornings and I have bad hay fever which would mean I would always be sneezing!
  25. I am currently counting down the weeks until I finish TAFE, after this week I only have 5 more :D

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