Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Gift Guide 2012

I did a gift guide last year and thought I would do it another guide. This year I have decided that I would list things that I am giving people and/or I have received as gifts.

Frappa Cup-I received one as a Birthday gift and use it heaps. I find that it helps me keep drinking water as soon as I fill it up its empty in a matter of minutes. This one is from Typo and at $14.95 its an awesome gift for anyone.

Mini Clock- I got this for one of my sisters for Christmas (they already know as they hate suprises!) and its cute and useful :) great to put on a desk or any nook. It is also from Typo and at $6.95 is a good secret santa gift or stocking filler.

2013 Diary- I use my diary heaps and last year I got my Mum one of these. Its held up great and is a perfect size to fit into a handbag or laptop case. It is once again from Typo and at $9.95 its well worth it and comes in a range of colours.

USB Light- I grabbed a stack of these for gifts and tested one out and for the price (83 cents) its a steal. These are currently clearance at office works so get in quick if you want to grab one (or a few!).

Born Lippy Lip Balm- This is the only lip balm that works on my lips and at $7.95 its a good gift for any girl and a great stocking filler. This is from The Body Shop so you know that it is all natural and is good quality.

Banagrams- This is good gift for a family. I love playing this game and you can play with as many as you want. At $30.00 its a good gift for a family. I have seen it for cheaper at some Big Ws but Games World always has it in stock.

Kobo Touch- I got a Kobo Touch for my Birthday and love it. I use it heaps and it is well worth its weight in gold. It isn't locked into any one e-book provider (though the Kobo site has cheap books and there are also discount codes on the internet). It varies in price between $118-$130 so be sure to shop around for a great deal. (A tip is if you are buying a case/cover for it Kindle Touch cases/cover fit perfectly and I have found them to be a bit cheaper).

Gold by Britt Nicole- I love this CD so much, the music is great, the lyrics have meaning and a story behind them. I haven't stopped listening to it since I bought it. Its currently on sale for $15 at Koorong and worth every cent!

Living Lockets by Origami Owl- I love the idea behind these and think one would make a perfect gift for a mum/wife/girlfriend/fiancee/daughter/special someone ect. These vary in price depending on the charms you put in the locket, the chain, this size ect but are worth it and are a great keepsake. If I had the money I would buy one for each of my sisters, mum and of course myself. The locket can tell a story or simply have a few meaningful things placed in it.

Terra Nova on DVD- I loved it when it was on TV and the DVD was filled with great extras and behind the scenes of making it. JB HI-FI has it on sale for $32 which is a good deal. I would get this for anyone who loves special effects and Dinosaurs (saying that I'm not into any of it and I LOVED it!). I watched the whole season over a few days as it was that good.

Scrabble Tile Necklace- I was at the markets on the weekend and bought a cute Scrabble Tile Necklace for $7 and have worn it so much! One of these would make a great gift for a teacher, close friend, sister, anyone really. The one on the right is from Sugar Lane Shoppe on Etsy and is $6.95 (plus postage) and can be done in any letter, there are lots more in the shop. Lots of other Etsy stores do them as well but I love the butterflies with the letter and the range is amazing. There is also a deal on buy two get one free so they are perfect for gifts.

Stabilo Point 88 Mini Pen Assorted- I won a pack (well a roll) of these and love them. I use them mainly for crafting and artwork. The mini pack would be a great stocking filler at $13.50 from office works you can't go wrong.

Jumbeau Water Bottle - This water bottle is great to remind you to drink more water and looks cute too! I find in Summer its good to have something that you like to drink water out of (such as me with my Frappa cup) and this clearly passes the test! Perfect for the beach, pool, work, school ect its $9.95 from Typo and is worth it for sure!  

Petite Gold Key Pendant Necklace- I am loving the key necklace trend at the moment (I already have two necklaces that I wear daily) and I am getting another key necklace very similar to this one for Christmas.  Its perfect to wear day or night and at $9.95 from Lovisa its a great price for such a pretty piece of jewellery.

This completes my Christmas Gift Guide for 2012 :) I hope I have helped you with a few ideas on what to get various people.

 *None of the above stores and/or companies know I exist and these are just products that I love (or find shiny)*

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