Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Rush

It's a week until Christmas, its getting harder to find a parking spot at shopping centres, people are spending up big and the credit cards are getting the brunt of it, Santa is everywhere and people are wondering what to buy for that one person who is always hard to buy for. Yet I wonder how many people know the real meaning of Christmas that a few thousand years ago a baby was born a baby that would change the world a baby that would be the worlds biggest hero yet the worlds most unlikely hero. That the baby would grow up to be hated by kings and priests and eventually killed for our sins when he was the most innocent person to walk the earth.Sure most shops have a navity scene but its always to side of Santa placed there like an after thought as if to let people know that if it weren't for him we wouldn't have Christmas yet I doubt many people notice it as they rush past it. Navtivity scenes are displayed for shoppers to buy yet, I wonder how many get sold. Christmas carols play between songs about Santa and reindeer its the background music that goes with the maddness as people race around buying gifts for people, few people listening to the music praising the birth of Jesus. It makes me wonder if you asked the average person on the street what Christmas was about how many would say the birth of  Jesus and that he would eventually die for our sins. Maybe everyone is just in too big a Christmas rush to care? I urge you to take time out during this rush period and read the story the first Christmas.

The clip below is a great song about the Christmas rush period and inspired me to write this post.

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