Friday, February 15, 2013

Decisions big and small

Sometimes I wish decision making in life was as easy as tossing a coin but its not. When I was 9 my parents had to make a decision to move up to the city or stay in the small town we lived, my dad had been offered a job in the city. I think they knew that after 2 years of my Dad working odd jobs that they should take it even though it meant uprooting our whole family (along with fish, a cat and a bird) and leaving the quiter life. That was almost 10 years ago now and it was the right decision even though I had to change schools and get used to the busier way of life.

Every day we make decisions from what we eat for breakfast and what we wear and how we act. Yesterday was Valentines Day and I find it stupid, I will say this many times: If a guys likes me he can tell me on any day and I seriously don't care how they do it: over text, email, Facebook, phone or in person. So I decided I might as well put on one of my favourite dresses, spritz myself with my favourite perfume and put a bit of makeup on, I just felt like it. Then when I got into the city I had 30 minutes to kill before my bus so I thought might as well browse some shops which ended up with me posing in a photo booth the shopping centre had put on, laughing and having a fun time. I made the decision to not focus on all the lovey dovey stuff but rather make the most of the day for what it was. This was a small decision that I made.

Sometimes we have to make decisions that will affect our future (these are under the big decisions catergory), like the one my parents had to make. Since turning 18 I have had to make alot of decisions on my future like do I apply to full time or part time work? What do I need to focus on with my physchologist to get up working? Do I switch employment agencys (I ended up switching)? Do I return to TAFE? Just to name a few. Thankfully I haven't had to make any major decisions yet (which I am thankful for).

Sometimes I wonder how I will cope when faced with a major decision. But being a Christian you just have to realise that sometimes God makes the decisions for you and other times you need to commit the decisions to the lord. Life isn't meant to be easy and decisions are a big part of life but if you have God he will guide you and will help you when the time comes on making those big decisions.

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