Friday, February 8, 2013

Judging a book by its cover

All my life I have been judged, I have been known as 'the pastors' daughter up until this time last year the one who doesn't swear, heaven forbid she drink alcohol or kiss a guy who isn't a Christian. I have been introduced so many times as 'Our pastors oldest daughter' and it has sucked. In Christian circles as soon as people here my last name at least one of them knows my Dad (or my uncle or my grandparents).  I doubt many of them would guess that I have suffered with depression and anxiety, that I have been temped to self harm and kill myself, that I have been bullied because of being Christian and have been judged so many times because of it.

The bible tells us not judge one another yet so many Christians do . They judge us on what we're wearing (that skirt is a bit to short, that top is on the revealing side, that dress is a little bit too tight ect), if we swear at times, what music we listen to and what we watch. They judge us on how hard our lives are (its not their business to). Its like judging a book by its cover which so many of us do (don't deny it), The Bible is a great example, so many publications of it look boring and plain, yet the story inside it is amazing and the greatest story ever written. Jesus never judged people by their covers, he hung out with the beggers, sick, prostitutes and anyone considered unclean by the Jews standards, rather he judged their hearts and saw how much they were suffering because no one would give them a chance. Rather than judging people on what we see we should focus on the inward appearance and realise that everyone deserves a chance no matter what.

I have learnt to refuse to let the people who judge me get to me and rather focus on the people who are willing to get to know me. We should all learn that everyone has another story we just have to get to know them to find it.

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