Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Everyone tries to plan out there lives, it doesn't matter how old you are you still try and plan out what will happen in the future. Of course we then get annoyed and upset at God when things don't go as we planned them. You don't go on a date with that cute girl or guy and then live happily ever after with them, you don't get that job you so wanted, you don't get into the university you wanted or if you do get into the university you wanted you don't get into the right degree you wanted, the list could go on. The thing is at some stage no matter how much work you put into those plans to make them happen some are bound to crumble all around you and leave you in the wrecks of it-wrecked both emotionally and physically. You can have as many back up plans as you want but what happens when they crumble all around you too and you are left with no more back up plans? What happens when you have no idea what to do and if there is no way out? What happens when you think life can't get any worse but it does? It's simple you turn to God and cry out, you ask for help from people it can be as simple as 'Hey do you have a minute I need to talk and get some stuff off my chest', you seek God and ask him to guide you in what comes next and you talk to people about it and ask them to pray for you and the next step.
Sometimes we realise that the plans we put together so carefully that didn't work out weren't meant to be and for good reasons, other times we lie awake at night asking ourselves what if? But the thing is as much as we can plan out our lives we always forget one thing God is in control of them and he always knows whats right for us.
Besides sometimes plans can be overrated :)

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