Thursday, October 24, 2013

Two years is a long time

Today someone posted on the group someone set up for the class of 2011 for my high school asking what everyone was doing now. I felt confused as to what to write do I say I am unemployed or that I been facing my past or that I am a crazy cat lady. Its been almost two years since I have graduated and in those two years I have done so much yet so little.
I have faced my bullying past and accepted that I can't change my past but I can change the future, I have beaten my anxiety multiple times and shown to people that my anxiety doesn't rule me, I have worked in various places building up my resume with admin experience, I have changed churches and are currently going to two different churches, I have shed what people have labelled me, I have proven to people that I am worth something and that my age doesn't matter when it comes to certain things, I have adopted a kitten, I have learnt to find beauty in the broken, I have done so much and I doubt many people who I went to school with would recognise me. I have changed yet stayed the same. I am still crazy about cats, I still love to bake, I am still a Christian, I still want to change the world, I still want to prove to people I am worth something, I still lack self confidence at times and I still stack it and do stupid things.
In two years I have left behind my past and become comfortable with being me. Yes I am currently unemployed but it doesn't matter God knows what he's doing and two years from now my life might be the same or be completely changed who knows, in two years changes happen and though at the time they may not make sense, with God they will always make sense.
As to what I put for my response as to what I was doing currently I put: Proving to people I am worth something. Sometimes the best responses are the simplest :)

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