Sunday, December 22, 2013

You can't spell Christmas without Christ and you can't get presents without Jesus presence.

This morning at church the leader of the service asked us how much time this past week we had thought about Christmas presents compared to how much time we had thought about Jesus and how he is the reason for the season. It was safe to say that every one of us had thought about Christmas presents more than about Jesus!
Once again Jesus is put to the back burner of our festivities when he should be our focus during this time. I swear everywhere I look I see Santa and it sucks that he is the centre of this celebration rather than Jesus! I have a feeling that if you went out into the streets and asked random people what the true meaning of Christmas was about few would know. Sure, we see nativity scenes in shopping centres but so many people ignore them in the Christmas rush.
I have to admit that I love the glitz of Christmas, the tree and the lights, the presents under the tree waiting to be opened on Christmas morning and the thought that has gone in to each gift, how Christmas cards arrive in the mail instead of the bills and letters from the employment agency reminding me of up coming appointments, along with putting out the Nativity scene I made out of oven bake clay one year and how our other Nativity scenes that are out all year round seem to shine a bit brighter during this season (my parents went to Peru a few years ago and brought back many Nativity scenes all beautifully made that we leave out during the whole year).
Christmas is the one time that Christians can talk about the story of Jesus without being shut down and invite people to carols, Christmas eve and Christmas day services so that maybe they might want to know more about Jesus and what part he has to play in this wonderful time of year.
You can't spell Christmas without Christ and you can't get presents without Jesus presence, hopefully one day more people will realise that.
Last year I wrote a post on the Christmas rush that you can read here.

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