Thursday, November 5, 2015

Another 2 months

Well my probation as officially been extended by another 2 months and for some reason I am feeling angry, annoyed and sad at myself about it. I have wanted this job for so long and yet I feel like I am letting it slip away, I just feel so helpless! It has always taken me longer than average to achieve things, yet I thought this job would be different. I don't want to let my employer down either as they have taken a huge chance on me. I know that tomorrow is a new day yet so many times just when I feel like things are going well, something happens and my confidence is shaken. I just have no idea why God gave me this job that I wanted so badly when I am struggling so much with it and can't seem to do anything right at times! I really some major prayer that a miracle will happen with me in this job and things will start going smoothly. I just feel like there is so much stuff to learn and after not working for so long its a bit of a learning curve to say the least!
I just needed to get this out, please pray for me, I am hoping my next update will be much more positive!

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