Sunday, November 29, 2015

Maybe there is a bright side

Its funny how things can hit you at times despite always being aware of them. Last night at church I realised that God knew what he was doing when he took away my license and that there's a bigger picture of what is going on. I have struggled with the loss of my license not so much not being able to drive but the lead up to it and the anticipation of it. I guess I always wondered why God took it away from me after how hard I had to fight to get there and now I have to face the practical test again which I am already dreading - so I eat chocolate and watch some Parks and Rec and tell myself to only focus on today.
Almost everyone who knows have told me how annoying it must be and are on my side, which is nice and its good to have the support.
There are times when I miss it like when I an invitation to an event and I have to figure how I am going to get there and lately I have just wanted to go for a drive and clear my head.
In a sense its actually helped me at work as I spend the journey reading and relaxing (rather than being stressed out that I am going to be late or that there are multiple trucks surrounding me each one going slower than the next) and I arrive to work with a clear head. To get to work only takes me 15 minutes more in the mornings and I do arrive 45 minutes early so I spend 30 minutes in the staff room enjoying the quiet and reading the paper while eating my lunch which isn't a bad thing as I can just focus on myself rather than the few hundred things I should be doing when I am at home.
My car has also been in a desperate need of a new exhaust system so over the past week it has been at the mechanics getting that done (and there goes all my money!) which has caused no disruption among the family compared to the last time when it was getting repaired.
I guess that maybe just maybe there is a bright side to all of this even though it didn't feel like it in the beginning.
Please keep praying for me as I have just under another 2 months before I can begin the process of getting my license back, and can you please also pray that the process of getting it back will go smoothly and that my anxiety will stay at bay.

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