Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Book review: Katie in Waiting

Being single is hard at times and its hard when it seems like most of your friends are dating someone. Don't get me wrong I am happy for them, its just annoying when you realise that in certain circles you are the only single one (excuse me while I go and adopt some more cats). I have had this urge to wait lately regarding the whole boyfriend thing and for now that is what I am going to do and eat chocolate and read some chick lit.
I love Erynn Mangum's books so I had to read her latest book Katie in Waiting the moment it came out. This book was different from her other books in many ways the major way was that it didn't focus around a couple rather it focused on Katie who is a single 30 something girl waiting for the right guy. The blurb reads (taken from Kobo):
Katie McCoy has spent her whole life waiting for the right guy and he isn't coming. After relocating to Carrington Springs, Missouri, Katie finds herself getting more and more frustrated. Can't God see that she's trying her best to meet someone? Doesn't He care that she's lonely? What is she doing that is making Him not bless her with this? With two new friends, Eliza and Ashten, by her side, Katie starts to realize that maybe God has bigger plans for her life than she could have ever imagined.
The book is such a refreshing change to the typical Christian chick lit (yes that's a thing) books that are out there as it focuses on being single and realising that what we want isn't always what God has planned for us. Sure there are few cute guys involved but they add to the book and provide some further insight into just how big Katie's struggle really is.
I also loved meeting Eliza and Ashten and seeing how they were coping with their singleness as well. When reading the book I found myself drawn to Eliza as we are so alike with our personalities (the only differences is that she is a nurse and I am a customer service officer and I am a touch more creative). It was nice to have the book focus around such a new friendship group rather than a boy and girl relationship.
If you want a good non romantic read this book is a great read and you will no doubt be hooked from the first chapter.
I am looking forward to the next book (Once Upon an Eliza) in the series which comes out mid next year and can't wait see how the girls grow and develop in it.

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