Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Catching Up - this past weekend, job applications and online workshops

Well I survived the weekend! Despite a major lack of sleep, my anxiety deciding to rear itself (which would not go away despite me using every trick in the book!), getting hit by various objects (more on that later) and weather that is so not Spring (where's the early 20 degree days not the 16 degree days and raining).
I left at 4.00 Friday afternoon and managed to skip the worst of the traffic as Gem and I were doing dinner and my idea of fun isn't sitting stop start on the freeway. After grabbing some pizza and chilling for a bit I got to the gym where we staying at around 8.30 and helped set up and figure out what sports I was volunteering at. We are so lucky that we get a gym all to ourselves rather than sharing with multiple churches and it really helps knowing that we all get our own space. There's also the option of sleeping on the gym matts rather than taking down air mattresses. One of things we had to do when we got to the gym was get down the matts from where they were stored and of course one managed get loose and hit me, thankfully I wasn't injured (I just laughed for a few minutes) despite getting an offer to call an ambulance! One of my friends was volunteering doing first aid at various sports and had decided that he wanted to call an ambulance, of course after realising that he would get very few major (or minor) injuries at the sports he was at he decided that I was his bet best. Luckily for me that didn't happen but it became a joke that if there was any chance that I could get hit by spectating something I would get hit.
The next day I was only down to volunteer for the morning session which meant I got the rest of the day off. I ended up watching some ultimate Frisbee in the afternoon where despite spectating I managed to get by a Frisbee in the eye no less. By this stage I was wondering whether I should result to wearing a helmet full time during the weekend! Thankfully that was the last of getting hit by items accidently (I did get roped into playing dodgeball on Saturday night but I was expecting to get hit then).
The rest of weekend passed ok but I found that I could not just get to sleep or get comfortable at nights so that didn't help with my anxiety levels. Thankfully Gem came to the rescue and offered me a bed (not knowing just how much I needed it) on the last night which I eagerly accepted, so I at least got a decent nights sleep before I had to drive back on Monday morning.
I didn't end up staying for the closing ceremony as I had an online workshop to start which I was eager to get into. But we came 2nd in small churches and 9th overall which isn't too bad!

Moving on to other news! I am proud to announce that I have been accepted into ReachOut's peer support program, which means getting involved on the forum side of things and was the online workshop I needed to start. I am super excited to get more involved with ReachOut, ReachOut has opened so many doors for me, so applying to do this program seemed like the next step and I am thrilled to do it.
I have also been accepted into a mentorship program run at the local youth centre, I applied on a whim and figured its something else to do and as I am enjoying ReachOut so much I might as well expand my horizons.

On the job application front its been quiet, I actually had a job interview on the 16th (the day after my birthday) but the moment I got the call I felt like it was a 'warm up' interview. I had applied for the job on the Monday as it was one of those jobs that ticked all the boxes on paper but didn't expect to hear anything back from, so to get an interview was a surprise. It was my first interview in 6 months so it was good to get back into that frame of mind, I went and gave it my all but in the end it wasn't meant to be (which I had accepted as soon as the interview was over). I just didn't 'click' with the people and while the hours were good I knew deep down this job wasn't for me and walked out completely at peace with it all.
I am still praying that I will hear back from the job I applied for a couple of weeks ago and know that it is in God's hands. These past few weeks have been so busy that I haven't really dwelled on it and have just kept on praying about it.
 I couldn't help think about how much can change in a year, this time last year I was working. I remember driving down to the gym in my work clothes after work and feeling exhausted from work. This time I drove down when I wanted to and felt exhausted from a concert the night before. I can't help but wonder what I will be doing this time next year? How much will things have changed?

I know that God has a plan for me and nothing he does is ever a coincidence, so for now I know I am where I am meant to be and I am feeling excited for what the future holds.

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